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Telephone Answering Services


Professional Telephone Answering and PA services

  • From as little as 75p per call regardless of length of calls
  • More than basic message taking as standard
  • Your own dedicated PA
  • 24/7 cover available
  • Cold call screening
  • No long contracts
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Telephone Answering Service Free 30 day Trial

Unanswered or missed calls in any business can potentially mean a client is lost before you have even had the opportunity to speak with them. Our Telephone Answering Service is designed to help start-ups, growing businesses and entrepreneurs optimise their communication channels, give a professional image and never miss an opportunity.

We believe in understanding our client’s business and developing long term relationships. You can view PA2GO as another staff member who always puts the interests of your business as the forefront of everything we do. Our staff are fully trained on your business to ensure continuity of calls. Not only will you save time, but the risk of losing business is reduced and you can present a more professional image to prospective clients thanks to our dedicated customer service.

  • UK based PA’s: To ensure you get the very best service our telephone answering service is UK based so you get the highest quality communication skills both verbally and in written form
  • Free Telephone Number: Simply choose the local area code you want to use and we will arrange access to a free telephone number for use by your customers
  • Relationship Building: We believe in providing a personalised service to every one of our clients. PA2GO is not a call centre and as such we take the time to build and develop long term relationships that last
  • Time saving: Our service will make your life easier allowing you to focus on the important tasks at hand, without getting distracted by annoying sales calls or a constantly ringing phone
  • Missed calls: Whatever time you need us throughout the working day we are available to answer those all important calls so you never miss out on enquiries or call-backs
  • 24/7 Support: If required we can be on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a call into your business is never missed – even when you are fast asleep!
  • Fast Communication: Once you have informed us of the details you wish our PA’s to capture on every call, these are instantly sent via email and text after the completion of every call
  • No Hidden Costs: Our transparent approach to pricing enables you to trust in our service, so you know how much you are paying at all times with no sudden surprises.

Customer Testimonials

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5 5 1
Been using PA2GO for a while now and the service had been exceptional. Girls are great there and we receive no end of compliments from our callers.

Craig Tye


5 5 1
Been looking after our telephone answering fir a while now and the seevice is exceptional


Nice People

5 5 1
Nice people and very good service. Would recommend!!!


No more missing business opportunities

Missed telephone calls means missed business

It can be false economy attempting to save the minimal outgoing of an additional staff member in return for attempting to answer and deal with your own calls on the go, however, the cost of another member of staff is not always cost effective or affordable. Our telephone answering and PA service is here to allow you to have all the benefits of a professional PA and office, without the cost or headache of HR.

By trying our FREE trial, we often see clients extremely surprised at how many additional calls are picked up compared to when they we retrying to take calls from their own mobile phones or with a single receptionist in house.

A personalised service

Our professional virtual PA’s will represent your company so the caller will believe they are in contact with your company’s reception. The call is then forwarded onto your landline or mobile, whichever you prefer, or if you are unavailable a message is taken and immediately passed onto you.

We will allocate a small team of virtual PA’s to your company who you will get to know by name. This personalised approach allows us to understand your business and for your regular clients to feel comfortable with the names and voices they are in contact with on a regular basis.

A flexible approach

Whether you need us to pass on messages, transfer calls to third parties, answer overflow calls, provide technical support or supply holiday cover, PA2GO’s Telephone Answering service is adaptable enough to work with businesses of all sizes, changing with your needs as you continue to expand.

Boost Your Business with a Call Answering Service

If added expense is the reason you have yet to use telephone answering services, you should seriously sit down and do the math. Certain telephone numbers will cost you more than others and what you’re using now could be racking up your business’ utility bills.

There are so called “premium rate” numbers such as those that begin with 070. 087 numbers that are defined as Controlled Premium Rate Services (CPRS) have a service charge of 7p per minute or per call.

And if you’re using the freephone numbers 0800 and 0808, you’re picking up the tab.

If you’re paying for the telephone numbers you’re using, might as well make the most of it, right? Through a call answering service, you get to do just that.

Moreover, you get to boost your sales and business. How?

How Telephone Answering Services Reels in Business Success

Great customer service for more business

With professionals handling all your calls, you can be sure that customer complaints, queries, and feedbacks are catered promptly and efficiently. Phone answering services will pick up calls when and where you can’t, ensuring that every opportunity to make a sale or help resolve a client’s problems is closed on a positive note.

Customers are also more inclined to do business with someone who responds to their needs quickly. Your ability to answer their calls quickly will establish trust and loyalty.

Better handling of high-volume of calls without the high cost

Just think; if you were to hire telephone operators in-house, you’ll need to invest in the required infrastructure and pay for employee salary and benefits. Along the line, you’ll need to spend on equipment maintenance and upgrade.

At some point, telephones will need to be fixed, replaced, or upgraded to keep up with the changes in telecommunications. Doing so will cost you money.

Outsourcing to providers of telephone answering services takes all those expenditures off your hands. High-volume calls are better handled, and you only pay for the services rendered, nothing more.

Longer and more flexible times in handling customer calls

You can hire phone answering services 24/7 if your business calls for it. Selling products online to a global market, for example, means that you’ll have customers from different time zones. Limiting customer service to normal business hours could mean business loss. Take advantage of every minute and go for 24/7 call handling service instead.

Suffice it to say that you can boost sales if you have professionals handling all your calls according to what your business needs or what the situation calls for.

In choosing a provider, make sure to check that their agents are:

  • Friendly and polite
  • Have the ability to collect information effectively without being intrusive
  • Are respectfully when responding to customer questions, complaints, and feedbacks
  • Able to tailor their responses as instructed by your company
  • Answer and transfer calls efficiently

Partner with a competent provider and you can tap into other services that can help grow your business and ensure success. Through a call answering service, you turn conversations to conversions.